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    glDepthRange (4.2+) vs. glDepthRangedNV

    In the 4.2 spec the definition of glDepthRange was changed to from previous with the wording changed to "If a fixed-point representation is used, the parameters n and f are clamped to the range [0;...
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    Re: An issue about uniform block access in GLSL

    There is an alignment bug in ATI drivers regarding std140 layout and nested structures inside a uniform block. It's been reported and the fix will appear in a new release of the drivers.

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    Re: Problem with integer div/mod

    4.1.3 Integers
    Operations resulting in overflow or underflow will not cause any exception, nor will they saturate, rather they will “wrap” to yield
    the low-order 32 bits of the result.
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    Problem with integer div/mod

    Found an interesting bug that manifests both on AMD and Nvidia, albeit differently. Expression:

    //int v=2;
    abs(2047483673*v) % 16807

    executed in a fragment shader results in the...
  5. Re: Rendering without Data: Bugs for AMD and NVIDIA

    What do you mean by that? Attributes are vertex shader inputs; they don't link to anything.[/QUOTE]
    Sorry, I meant the names/types of varyings between the shaders.

    I don't know, actually. Maybe...
  6. Re: Rendering without Data: Bugs for AMD and NVIDIA

    It's pretty much possible that most of the things are related to driver quality, as you are saying. I was speaking from my experience, when everything seemed to work normally on NVIDIA as *I* would...
  7. Re: Rendering without Data: Bugs for AMD and NVIDIA

    I had discovered the problem by writing a custom parser and code generator for a cg-like syntax to hide the design of GLSL. Consequently I was generating multiple GLSL sources from a single original...
  8. Re: Rendering without Data: Bugs for AMD and NVIDIA

    But those clauses are part of the standard. While you can accidentally get yourself in undefined behavior, the standard clearly says when you are in undefined behavior. And generally, these...
  9. Re: Rendering without Data: Bugs for AMD and NVIDIA

    Yes, I can only agree that NVIDIA's behavior is indeed dangerous with regards to portability, I myself have run into problems stemming from the very fact that we are using NVIDIA hardware as our...
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    bvec and/or/xor operators?

    Can we have and/or/xor operators/relational functions working on boolean vectors? Currently we have to cast them around to get the functionality (on specs-conforming ATI/AMD).
    I don't know what was...
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    Re: Accessing elements of dvec arrays

    I have only Adblock, disabling it did nothing except showing Nvidia banner. Tried with FF4.x and Chrome 11
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    Re: Accessing elements of dvec arrays

    That's weird. I can see "Report a problem" on the left side menu, only after clicking on "Software" button in the upper banner. But clicking on the "Report a problem" there gets me a plain page...
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    Re: Accessing elements of dvec arrays

    Do you mean "-> Bug report" there? I've tried that one too, some time ago, but never got a reply either :(
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    Accessing elements of dvec arrays

    Hi, I'm using ARB_gpu_shader_fp64 extension on Nvidia (R270.61 on a 460 card), and encountered a problem in accessing elements of dvec arrays:

    out vec3 val;
    uniform int sel;

    void main()
  15. Re: glDrawArrays and gl_VertexID (Nvidia/ATI diff)

    Update on the status of the problem:

    With recent AMD drivers, when using glDrawElementsBaseVertex the built-in shader variable gl_VertexID now contains the value of basevertex+index, which is I...
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    Re: Magnification limit?

    Thanks Jan.

    I'll probably stick to 1) for now, there's of course also the possibility to rethink the algorithm but so far it also comes with other complications.
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    Magnification limit?

    Is there a limit on the resolution of texture magnification?

    I have a texture that encodes distances for a fairly large region of 5km x 5km. The value read from the texture is then used as input...
  18. Re: glDrawArrays and gl_VertexID (Nvidia/ATI diff)

    A quick note: apparently when using the basevertex in glDrawElementsBaseVertex, gl_VertexID contains the values from the index buffer, without basevertex value being added to it (tested on Nvidia)
  19. Re: glDrawArrays and gl_VertexID (Nvidia/ATI diff)

    Yes, it's the same behavior. So, is it a bug in amd driver?
  20. Re: glDrawArrays and gl_VertexID (Nvidia/ATI diff)

    We are only using it with GPU side VBOs, but I can test it with CPU-side buffers, if it can help.
  21. glDrawArrays and gl_VertexID (Nvidia/ATI diff)


    Calling glDrawArrays(mode,first,count) with non-zero first parameter behaves differently on ATI/Nvidia with respect to the gl_VertexID built-in variable. On Nvidia, the gl_VertexID contains...
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    Re: AMD GLSL Bugs - how to report?

    Thanks a lot. We'll prepare the sample code.
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    AMD GLSL Bugs - how to report?

    Hi guys,

    We have found several potential bugs with AMD GLSL 1.5 compiler and GL 3.2 stuff, reported it on AMD forums but got no reply so far. While these still have workarounds, we have...
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