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  1. Skeletal Animation giving strange results (Collada imported file) when playing

    Ok, guys, this is gonna be a loooong post. I know that. But I just cannot figure out where I am doing mistakes. I need your help!
    I've been following this tutorial and I tried to convert it to my...
  2. Unprojecting mouse cursor to find relative position to a certain object (OpenTK C#)


    I have a player object that's moving around the screen. The camera is a fixed camera, looking down on the player (like in Diablo).

    Now I want the player object to rotate towards the mouse...
  3. I think I may have fixed it myself. My solution...

    I think I may have fixed it myself. My solution to this post is also on:

    Hope this might help others. I think the hardest part is either converting...
  4. Normal Mapping with TBN Matrix does not work properly (yet)

    Hi all,

    I work on a private OpenTK (C# wrapper for OpenGL) project. I set up a cube that has some texture on it. I also load a second texture that acts as the normal map. I generated the tangents...
  5. Brokenmind = Genius

    Oh my god that did the trick! Brokenmind you are a genius!

    That was so very stupid of me. Why would the eye space have anything to do with a fixed light position in my world.....?!?!
    I also got...
  6. OpenTK C# point lighting translation problem

    Hi there,

    this is my first look at an OpenGL fun project. So far I have done pretty much the same thing on an Android device and now ported it to Windows .NET.

    Here is a link to my Visual...
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