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  1. I'm fully aware of what the specification says...

    I'm fully aware of what the specification says for the expected behavior of wglCreateContextAttribsARB and its uses. However that wasn't my question. My question was really whether or not anybody...
  2. wglCreateContextAttribsARB not needed anymore?

    Is wglCreateContextAttribsARB not needed anymore? I just recently noticed with the latest drivers from both NVIDIA and AMD that just calling wglCreateContext gives me access to all OpenGL versions...
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    AMD 13.4 Beta: glDrawArraysIndirect and gl_VertexID bug

    I'm not 100% positive what the correct behavior is here, but on NVIDIA hardware, gl_VertexID = first + [vertex index]. So if I specify first=2, count = 6, then the values for gl_VertexID in each...
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