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  1. Windows XP repaints OpenGL application without any messages

    'm using Windows XP with a pretty old Intel video adapter (82945G). It supports OpenGL 1.1.
    There is a simple OpenGL application. It processes WM_PAINT message and draws the scene.
    The problem is...
  2. Dark Photon thanks for reply. It seems that i...

    Dark Photon thanks for reply.
    It seems that i have solved the problem. The reason was that i was specifying the coordinates in a way: (x,y).
    When i have changed to (x+0.5,y+0.5) everything is...
  3. glDrawArrays gives vertical lines when using GL_POINTS

    I'm drawing a points using glDrawArrays with GL_POINTS. On my Intel 82945G Express Chipset Family everything is working fine. But on ATI Radeon Mobility 5730 vertical lines appear randomly when...
  4. Re: glClearColor+WM-SIZE+only part is cleared

    Yes. That was the issue. I was experimenting with the code and enabled it. Thanks a lot.
  5. Re: glClearColor+WM-SIZE+only part is cleared

    I'm using winXP SP3. glGetString(GL_VERSION) returns
    "1.4.0 - Build". I'm using integrated video board:
    Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family.
  6. glClearColor+WM-SIZE+only part is cleared

    Hi everyone,
    I'm writing application (WinAPI+VS 2005).

    I have created window and on WM_PAINT i'm clearing the buffer with a specified color. The problem is that when i changing the width of the...
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    MFC:OpenGL in two MDI windowses

    I wrote MDI application where two windowses are used to render with OpenGL.Each window is derived from CMDIChildWnd and each one has a view window derived from CWnd. The problem is that when i open...
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