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  1. Re: examples textures - help me understand something

    glBindTexture is probably bound to 0 by default, so if you don't have a glBindTexture in your code then that is what it will use.

    in your code you bind the texture to textureId but then tell it to...
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    Re: Drawing tons of points

    Use a texture instead and transfer the rendered pixels using glTexSubImage2D.
    And transfer at least line by line instead of individual pixels
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    Re: A variation of deferred rendering

    the main advantage to deferred shading is not to the actual final shading done, but rather in the way you do light accumulation.
    The main performance increase lies in running parts of the lighting...
  4. Re: Size of the model: render time and light intensity

    1. no, size does not have any effect on rendering speed, the size of how big it is on the screen might, but normally it shouldn't make that much of a difference.
    Scaling before also does not have...
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    Re: install Opengl in windows 7

    It's already installed, just make sure your graphics drivers are up to date and you should be fine
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    Re: Using textures as render target

    The main difference between the two is that you use textures if you want to use the buffer later as a texture, while the render buffer object is when you don't need to save it, for instance i...
  7. Re: Texturing a triangle strip of varying width

    the only thing i can think of is add glHint(GL_PERSPECTIVE_CORRECTION_HINT, GL_NICEST); at the beginning, that might fix some problems related to interpolation.
    Other than that the only other way is...
  8. Re: Getting black lines in Mandelbrot set plot

    Using GL_POINTS in this way is both slow and is prone to such problems.

    The proper way if you want to do the Mandelbrot calculation on the cpu is to save it to an array and then transfer that data...
  9. Re: Feedback loop using FBO and texture, a valid case?

    The example mentioned on that page is using a framebuffer texture to render to the same framebuffer which can lead to a race condition in which you can never be sure in which order pixels will be...
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    Re: texture sampling artifacts and floor()

    No it doesn't, it creates a pattern that changes pretty quickly between 0 and 1, but there is still a gradient between those two states, it's just that it's really small.

    try something like this...
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    Re: Question about normals calculation

    Well the problem seems to be that your including exactly every vertex and treating each vertex the same for multiple polygons.
    The best way is pretty much the method you described but for one change...
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    Re: Particles, help controlling direction

    Yea this example is a bad one when it comes to particles, a proper particle needs two vectors (float[3]) one that contains the current position and one that contains the motion vector.
    And for each...
  13. Re: What would you recommend me to do? (starting out)

    Well your starting point should be as simple as possible, if you go with the game route my suggestion is to start with the simplest possible game you can imagine, like tetris, pacman or something...
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    Re: Calculate square of irregular shape

    If all you have is the length like this, it's hard to calculate the area, what you need is to basically split it into triangles and then measure those lengths inside if at all possible.
    If not then...
  15. Re: Only full-transparent/-opaque texture rendering

    it's most likely this line glBlendFunc(GL_SRC_ALPHA, GL_ONE);
    Because GL_ONE makes sure that you get additive blending which can in some cases can be mistaken for having an alpha of 0.5.
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    Re: Mandelbox drawing performance questions

    Yea rendering to a texture is probably the smartest way.

    Regarding making it faster, well it's raycasting so you basically have two angles of attack
    1. optimizing the raycaster to reduce the...
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    Re: Drawing millions cubes

    i wrote this for just such an occasion
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    Re: OpenGL camera upside down problem

    The reason is that the "camera" in openGL is always at (0,0,0) and glTranslatef is actually moving the world around it.

    So if you want to move the camera up relative to the world you must move...
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    Re: Circle looks like an ellipse

    it's probably this line
    glOrtho(m_fLeft, m_fRight, m_fBottom, m_fTop, -10, 10);

    if the coordinates for glOrtho does not have the same aspect ratio as the rendering window then everything will...
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    Re: Any tips when drawing translucent objects

    well maybe, but it depends on what your rendering, there are many cases where sorting is not needed or can be simplified.

    1. If you know that no transparent objects will be rendered behind that...
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    Re: Regarding Projective Geometry

    A point is still a point in both 2D and 3D so i guess it would create a line with a different vector and origin.
    The main problem is that 3d volumetric monitors are hard to come by so you have to...
  22. Re: Texcoord weirdness using ARB vertex program

    I think it's because texcoords are usually interpolated to be correct in regards to perspective while any other value is just interpolated using screen coordinates.
    if you change the line
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    Re: Help With Texture Rendering

    Most likely you just need to call glBindTexture(GL_TEXTURE_2D,block_texture_id); before rendering the blocks since it looks like your font texture is used instead of the block texture....
  24. Re: Point sprites get smaller when really close

    What is your z-near value? if it's negative then that could cause that effect.


    Your senses serve you well, it is strange, in fact for all i know this could be the cause of the problem....
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    Re: capture opengl scene

    try this, while it doesn't save in jpg, it's pretty easy to implement and you can always convert them later to jpg with an external program
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