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    hey,BenFoppa. your mentioned projection...

    hey,BenFoppa. your mentioned projection transforming of regular pipeline have done in Matrix4::PerspectiveMatrix except no viewport involving. hope some guys any hints for rest of those matries...
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    what does the matrix mean?

    hi,guys. i've saw a code snippet from gpu gmes 2,chapter 21:"High Quality Antialiased Rasterization", and really confused by the following code related space transforming:

    // Compute a...
  3. here is my program screenshot that was totally...

    here is my program screenshot that was totally fliped over.

    image link:

    here is my original material:

    image link:...
  4. when i'm using opengl glsl to implement skybox, getting something wrong.

    I'm currently using glsl to draw a skybox, but final result of my program is not my expect, the six sides of the skybox looks like all sides flipped vertically, then flipped vertically. If I make the...
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