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    Got it. Thanks for the answer.

    Got it. Thanks for the answer.
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    Best approach on building particle system

    Hello, I am pretty new to opengl and I want to do a particle system. I have been using GLUT for everything in opengl that I did up to now. Eventually I want this particle system to be relatively big...
  3. Oh, so dimension of the screen in the camera...

    Oh, so dimension of the screen in the camera space is width by height of the window. I put bounding box dimensions the same as the window size in pixels and now the scene looks much better. Thanks...
  4. First I convert width and height to [-1,1] and...

    First I convert width and height to [-1,1] and than I find the vectors from camera to every pixel on the screen, so I don't define angle of view, it is defined based on the dimensions of window and...
  5. Ray tracing, Z coordinate (depth) of bounding box seems much bigger then it should be

    I am making 3d scene and using ray tracing algorithm. When I add bounding box with the same length of sides every time I get the scene that looks like a tunnel, not like a box. Bounding box seems...
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    Orientation of three points in 3D space

    I built a program that loads triangle mesh from file. I use Winged Edge data structure to represent triangle mesh. One triangle is represented with three edges which must be in counterclockwise...
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