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  1. Finding euler angles from axis-angle representation

    I have axis angle representation as follows: (ax, by, cz, theta). Now what are the corresponding euler angles?
  2. Actually, the matrix is not a translation matrix,...

    Actually, the matrix is not a translation matrix, it is a rotation matrix. Apart from row-major and column-major order, is there any other difference due to the coordinate system? Please let me know.
  3. A simple question on matrix in opengl and opencv

    I have some code which has matrix in opencv. Now I would like to use opengl for further modeling. Suppose I have the following matrix:

    double mat[16] = { 1.0, 0.0, -a, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, -b, 0.0, 0.0,...
  4. Need some suggestions about transforming a projected image


    Hi all, I need some suggestions about getting back the original object from the projected object. In the attached figure, AB is the projected object onto the XY plane. I need to get back the...
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    Some question about transformation


    Hello every body, I have a plane and attached figure shows two positions of the plane, (a) no rotation and (b) with rotation where rotation axis is defined by ax + by + cz.

    Now, the plane...
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    Displaying an image as its mirror image

    Suppose when we display image, we paste the image along the texture coordinates i.e. 00, 01, 11, 10. Now how to map the texture so that image is displayed as mirror image in a plane.
    Thanks in...
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    OpenGL and OpenCV matrix

    Hello, I am working on rotation matrix in OpenCV. I need to use it for OpenGL. Do I need to transpose the matrix in OpenCV in order to use for OpenGL? Does this matter for rotation matrix. Please...
  8. Extracting only z rotation matrix from a rotation matrix

    I have a 3X3 rotation matrix. I have small 3D model. I only need to consider z rotation for that model, I don't need to consider xy movement or rotation. How can I extract the matrix...
  9. Some suggestion about conversion from pixel coordinate to window (object) coordinate

    Hello everybody,
    I have extracted some points using OpenCV from video. The imager esolution is ( 640X 480). The extracted coordinates are in pixel coordinates i.e. it looks like follows:
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    Displaying video from OpenCV to OpenGL

    Hello, I have a program written in OpenCV which captures video from webcam and displays it. I would need to use some functionalities of OpenGL because after image processing, I need to do some 3D...
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    How to smoothly connect a number of points

    Hello every body,

    I have uploaded a picture of a number of points to the following link:

    Hello every body,

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