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  1. Thread: Coordsys gizmo

    by lassesj

    Coordsys gizmo

    In maya and 3dsmax a coordsys is displayed in the lower left corner. I want to render that in my app (only the 3 lines with different colors, not the text). But how to do that??? The specs are:

  2. Made it work with backbuffer

    >>carsten neumann

    When getting the error i have not started to set pixel information. The error is when calling glGenRenderbuffers (error states that function it is not found in opengl32.dll).
  3. Hi all, thanks for the replies. >>aqnuep ...

    Hi all, thanks for the replies.


    All my objects are always within frustrum so BVHs does not help me render faster and i have therefore not implemented it. However, could be an idea for...
  4. Picking objects without GL_ARB_framebuffer_object extension


    I have created a 3d viewer and i use color picking via FBO. Some computers fails to do the picking, with the error:

    "Unable to find an entry point named 'glGenRenderbuffers' in DLL...
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    Solved, it was simply a matter of updating the...

    Solved, it was simply a matter of updating the graphic card drivers.
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    OpenGL runs slow when other apps are running

    I have created my own OpenGL app, it runs 60+ fps. However it runs dead slow (1fps) when certain programs run. Here is a list of programs that makes my program run slow:

    - Google Chome
    - Autodesk...
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