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  1. How to test how many texture calls before FPS drop

    Hi, I am trying to get a realtime glow shader going for a mobile app. So far it has been going well, separable convolution is working brilliantly! However it still isn't manageable on some devices,...
  2. What is the protocol here for questions about speed?

    I have a particle drawing program, and I finally got it running! Unfortunately it runs poorly. And when I tried to make it run more efficient (using best practices) it just ran worse.

    This is...
  3. Where did the ability go to interlace data in opengles 2.0?

    I am having a ton of difficulties interlacing my vertex data like (XYZHSVA)

    I am a bit confused, I read somewhere that doing "layout (location = 0) in vec3 position;" in a vertex shader wouldnt...
  4. Is this too much data for one buffer object?

    I have been trying to improve the preformance of my opengl particle game for ios (and in the future android)

    Basically the big task that openGL does is draw the particles. They are simple rounded...
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    Doing basic distortion in a fragment shader

    HI I have a program that currently renders a bunch of stuff onto a texture. I was hoping to be able to re render that texture with various distortion effects based on user interaction. I can...
  6. What does a buffer object, and attribute pointer look like for changing vertex data

    So I was wondering what the proper practice doing the following would be.

    So basically all I have is a array holding the coordinates of a cube. Then as time goes on I change the values of the...
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    How to make your own primitive?

    So I am having serious cpu power issues. I am having to create a lot of rectangles on the cpu. These rectangles are built based on two points and a weight. Basically I make a rectangle between two...
  8. Buffers and attribute pointers for drawing tons of capsules

    So I have a program i am trying to make in OpenGL es 2.0. My goal is to have as many capsules going on the screen at the same time without loosing framerate, so like if I could get 2000 going I...
  9. Texture filtering parameter that cuts out transparent material?

    So I had some code going that drew a nice line of dots going in a gradient from most transparent to least transparent. And this all worked great!

    Unfortunately I just added something that works...
  10. Oh ok. Finally after couple days of trying to...

    Oh ok. Finally after couple days of trying to get this to work I found it! It would appear that my texture wasn't made right, probably a parameter thing. I tried writing into a texture unit made by...
  11. Thankyou much for that! That makes lot of things...

    Thankyou much for that! That makes lot of things narrowed down and will make it easier to figure out what is going on.

    Are you saying that opengl es only allows 64 x 64 textures?
  12. Having issues with drawing to a frame buffer texture. It draws blank

    I am in OpenGL es 2.0 with glKit trying to render to iOS devices.

    Basically my goal is to instead of drawing to the main buffer draw to a texture. Then render that texture to the screen. I have...
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    Ok I think i got the every frame code correct (no...

    Ok I think i got the every frame code correct (no way to check yet). I am stuck on the starting code. Do I want to bind "tex1" to both frame buffers? If not then their would be three textures...
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    Do I want to be generating this texture storage...

    Do I want to be generating this texture storage integer every frame, or should I make it once and just overwrite it?

    As I understand things now:
    1. Create texture object

    Now in loop
    2. Set...
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    Is this the right way to render to a texture?...

    Is this the right way to render to a texture?
    glGenTextures(1, &FBOtex)
    glBindTexture(GLenum(GL_TEXTURE_2D), FBOtex)
    glTexParameteri(GLenum(GL_TEXTURE_2D), GLenum(GL_TEXTURE_MIN_FILTER),...
  16. My orthographic projection matrix causes everything to go to the center of the screen

    So my goal is simple. I am trying to get my coordinate space set up, so that the origin is at the bottom left of the screen, and the top right coordinates are (screen.width, screen.height).

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    Faking an accumulation buffer in OpenGL es

    So so far all OpenGL work I have been doing involves working with only one frame at a time. However my new goal is to get particle trials going (sorta like with fireworks). Unfortunately I am trying...
  18. First timy having a compilation error i cant fix in shader code. Can you please help

    Hello I am VERY new to opengl. I am working on modifying another shader I found online. The version I found online works just great, however somewhere along in my code I made a mistake while editing....
  19. Please help me fix my texture loading class. It partially works.

    Ok. So I am trying to create a texture loading class. And things are actually going pretty well! However the problem is. That this code is supposed to display a crate, with a awesome face on it. ...
  20. Could you please help me create/fix my Texture loading/Storing/Using class

    So I am creating my own sorta gl_engine from scratch. My goal is to be able to have different classes that define different shapes and how to draw them. I want each of these classes a class holding...
  21. Sorry I meant to say GLSHaderManager instead of...

    Sorry I meant to say GLSHaderManager instead of "GLManager". Basically I am pretty sure I should be able to get it to use any vertex and point shader that is written.

    Unfortunately yes... tons of...
  22. Perhaps I should write a shader that i attach...

    Perhaps I should write a shader that i attach through GL_Manager and pass it the dimensions of the health bar and it would draw it not caring about camera transforms??
  23. Unfortunately I am not familiar with gl_position....

    Unfortunately I am not familiar with gl_position. How do i find this and set it? Unfortunately I am using stock shaders and GLBatches. So I am unfamiliar with it
  24. @AlfonseReinheart Thanks for the reply! My...


    Thanks for the reply! My problem is that I need to change the camera position and not use orthographic projections. This is because it is a 3d platformer.
  25. How do I create a menu level in opengl using glew?

    So I have been following the glsuperbible version 5. And I am trying to make a sort of menu. Basically I just need to be able to draw 2 triangles that are always in the front and always in the same...
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