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  1. [OpenGL 3.2] glUseProgram: inside the mainloop ?


    I wonder if i should put «glUseProgram» inside my render loop, or just calling it once after the GLSL program has been compiled and linked.

    I'm asking this, because i tried and put it...
  2. Yes of course, parsing numbers with a dot...

    Yes of course, parsing numbers with a dot separator is not a big deal.

    Indeed, i had read too fast the spec:

    <version number><space><vendor-specific information>

    and i falsely believed that...
  3. [OpenGL 3.2] How to get GLSL version with glGetStringi ?


    I find annoying to extract version of GLSL with glGetString(GL_SHADING_LANGUAGE_VERSION_ARB);

    So i dig more in the documentation, and found glGestStringi, which makes it easier to...
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