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  1. What goes in my shader when doing hardware occlusion query?

    I've been looking at the example provided at the bottom of this link:

    I'm doing this on for iPhone using OpenGL ES 2. Do I just...
  2. How do I keep a billboard the same size on screen regardless of the cameras position?

    I recently added a billboard to display a character's name into a game. It looks good except for I would like to keep the name the same size on the screen regardless of how far the camera is from...
  3. Skeletal animation shader, use one compiled program or multiple?

    I have a skeletal animation shader in which I send all bone translations as uniform matrices to the shader.

    I use a single shader program right now for multiple skeletons. This means though that...
  4. Yes they are coplanar. It looks like it is being...

    Yes they are coplanar. It looks like it is being clipped but I don't understand why like that and why not also clip what is closer.
  5. Part of a quad becomes see through when viewed at certain angles

    I notice it when viewing from a specific angle but if I move a little or change the direction the camera is pointing then it'll go back to normal. I'm not really sure even where to start with this...
  6. How to create fog using Open GL ES 2.0 or WebGL?

    I would like to create a fog effect for my game but I can't find any tutorials on how to do it using OpenGL ES 2.0. If anyone has links to tutorials, can provide an explanation, or source code I...
  7. How do I unrender a mesh once I've rendered it?

    Do I just clear out the index and vertex buffers?

    I'm going to keep an array of meshes and as they go out of view I need to unrender them but I may reuse the same buffers when players come into...
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    glUniformMatrix4fv when is the data copied?

    Does glUniformMatrix4fv instantly copy data pointed to by the passed in pointer? If not when does it make the copy? Would it be the glDrawElements or glDrawArrays call?
  9. rotating around a point which itself is rotating

    I'm working on rotating human limbs. I currently can rotate around a pivot point by first translating to the pivot point then performing the rotation and finally translating back to the origin. I do...
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    I need help with 3d shading/lighting

    How do you guys handle shading in a 3d world? I have a directional light source that shades one side of a tree made of cubes. The remaining 3 sides all get ambient shading only. So the 3d effect is...
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    How to render 2d sprites in a 3d world?

    In opengl how do I render 2d sprites in opengl given that I have a png of the sprite? See images as an example of the effect I'd like to achieve. Also I would like to overlay weapons on the screen...
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    drawelements for many identical objects

    I would like to draw many cubes however when I get to around 100 it starts to slow the frame rate down. Is there a way I can make a single draw call to open gl to draw them instead of making a...
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