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  1. Thanks. Luckily the software I'm using is open...

    Thanks. Luckily the software I'm using is open source and cross platform, so I managed to take your advice, installed a Linux distro and got this working. Still not perfect (it's more than a little...
  2. Splitting fragment shader work across multiple nvidia gpus / SLI question

    I realize this is an Nvidia specific problem, but the developer forums are down at the moment so I thought I'd ask here, just in case anyone has had the same issue.

    I'm trying to modify a...
  3. Most effecient method for modifying textures?

    Part of an app I'm making centers around some textures which I plan to modify fairly often.

    At the moment, I'm using glTexImage2D and creating the textures from an array of bytes (data) with the...
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