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  1. GLSL, reading wrong value inside a fragment shader for a bounded depth texture

    I am applying a slightly modified version of the classic depth peeling algorithm, basically I am rendering all the opaque objects first and then I use that depth as minimum depth, because since...
  2. Opengl best texture compression format on desktop nowadays

    I did not find any valid resource online that is updated and compare the texture compression formats for OpenGL for desktop. Everything is either outdated or for mobile.

    Looking on my platform, I...
  3. Check color encoding in the default framebuffer draw buffer for SRGB

    I am in the process of implementing sRGB space in my application.

    From what I read here, here, here and here I should operate in linear RGB (LRGB) space for the whole pipeline and I dont have to...
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    Sorry, I didnt mean that, I will copy paste next...

    Sorry, I didnt mean that, I will copy paste next time
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    sampler2DRect vs samplerRect

    As titled, I wish to know the difference between sampler2DRect and samplerRect

    I already googled, but I couldnt find anything clear and precise.

    From what I found, it looks to me like...
  7. Right now I am doing partially what you say. I go...

    Right now I am doing partially what you say. I go from the object space down to the window space (or as you call it, pixel), then from there up to the camera space by setting the window depth...
  8. How can I get the camera space position on the near plane from the object space posit

    As titled, I have an item with a specific position in object space defined by a single vector.

    I would like to retrieve the coordinates in camera space of the projection of this vector on the...
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    Porting RoomTiny to Jogl


    I am trying to port the roomTiny example from the Oculus SDK to Jogl

    I already ported most of the program, but I am stuck on an annoying bug since a couple of days and I am going crazy
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    And have you found anything working so far?...

    And have you found anything working so far? Because the few clear examples I found dont work, such as
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    How to color a texture in glsl

    I need to modify during runtime the appearence of textures..
    Some examples may be rendering them with a gray scale to indicate a deactivation, orange color for selection and so on

    A little...
  12. Is it worth to create a generic shader for handling objects with and without textures

    I have several object to render. Some of them have textures and some of them are transparent.

    To achieve transparency, I implemented the depth peeling tecnique.

    I was wondering if I could...
  13. I got it working if I switch to int init ...

    I got it working if I switch to int


    gl3.glTexImage2D(GL3.GL_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE, 0, GL3.GL_R32I, width, height, 0, GL3.GL_RED_INTEGER, GL3.GL_INT, null);

  14. The rendering was wrong, I read that the second...

    The rendering was wrong, I read that the second parameter in glClearBufferiv should be the i-th buffer specified by glDrawBuffer(s)

    so this is the new rendering
  15. Exacty white, (1,1,1,1). Yeah, I can try to look...

    Exacty white, (1,1,1,1). Yeah, I can try to look inside it, once retrieved which is the fastest way to look at it?

    If I have to be honest I don't know why I am using GL_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE, I guess...
  16. Thanks tonyo, I tried that but unfortunately it...

    Thanks tonyo, I tried that but unfortunately it returns still the same wrong value
  17. Encoding id picking into a 16b red component texture

    So, I am trying to perform picking through id, that is before each drawArray a specific uniform variable will be set and written in the red component

    IDs are signed short

    But this is not...
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    Here the init shader: // Descpiption: // ...

    Here the init shader:

    // Descpiption:
    // (1) Initialization of the depth layer.
    #version 330 core

    layout(location = 0, index = 0) out vec4 out_frag_depth;

    void main(void)
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    Depth peeling and coplanar issue (z-fighting)


    I have troubles with the depth peeling technique and coplanar surfaces. The original algorithm is able to peel only one layer at the i-th depth, so if you have more than one, only one will be...
  20. Depth peeling, how can I get also the proper final depth component?


    I successfully implemented the depth peeling in Jogl using modern OpenGL. I understood deeply most of the process except the blend step.

    However I need to center my scene on a specific...
  21. Can depth peeling be implemented without any shader?

    I don't know shaders, but I have a basic idea of their concept.

    I need to implement depth peeling and so I would like to know if first I should go deeper into the shader world or it could be ...
  22. Thanks for the useful link, Alfonse, but since I...

    Thanks for the useful link, Alfonse, but since I am using GL2 I guess renderbuffer images are my only way..
  23. Wait... ...


    This means I must use necessarily the renderbuffer image..right?
  24. Ok, thanks [/FONT][/COLOR] Unfortunately...

    Ok, thanks


    Unfortunately this is not the case... However for my purpose could I have a texture with just stencil and color attachment?
  25. OpenGL, offscreen hard shadows calculation with stencil

    I am trying to figure it out if and how would be possible to calculate hard shadows from multiple light-sources off-screen.

    preamble: scene is very complex, up to several million of triangles, up...
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