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  1. Thanks to all posters so far! you've cleared up...

    Thanks to all posters so far! you've cleared up some of my confusion about the proxy query and it's purpose. Very helpful.

    from the TexImage doc

    it sounds like the TexImage could succeed...
  2. Texture proxy vs just allocating it and check for OOM condition?

    I'm curious to hear if any one has an opinion on this.

    I'm used to c/c++ programming when you allocate ram you can check for failure (either check the malloc return or catch std::bad_alloc), and...
  3. BlitFramebuffer only makes it to the screen every other time?

    Hi All, I have a rendering pipeline which at the end of it does glBlitFramebufferEXT (it's part of a legacy code and must for backward compatibility use EXT). I have experienced a great deal of...
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