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  1. How to adapt OpenGL ES 1.1 program to desktop OpenGL?

    If I have written a game in C++ that runs on a mobile platform using OpenGL ES 1.1, how do I convert it to run on the desktop which only has OpenGL support?
    Is there a simple way to accomplish this...
  2. Most likely C or C++.

    Most likely C or C++.
  3. It seems not on macOS which is my initial desktop...

    It seems not on macOS which is my initial desktop target. Basically though I want to target Mac, windows, and linux, coding in C or C++.
  4. How to create a dual mode Desktop and mobile program

    I want to create a program that will at once utilize both Open GL on the desktop, and OpenGL ES on mobile.
    Is such a thing conceivable?
    Or will there be two entirely different approaches to...
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