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  1. Euler matrix question


    This was intended as (su* sv * cw)-(cu * sw) by me, but I reviewed the original matrix and the author(s) didn't bother to include the grouping braces, so I took them off as well.
    Still runs...
  2. followup on GLM:: rotation mat z*x*y and ::custom Euler mat angle1,angle2,angle3

    I've tried using those values. lAlso have gotten little desperate and am trying adjacent values picked from the matrix. Its only a 3x3 and with some random picking I should eventually hit 30 degrees...
  3. can't extract correct Euler angles from Euler Angle transformation matrix

    I successfully combined all (3) Euler angle rotations into one single matrix. It was a learning process as I had to convert it from a 3x3 matrix to a 4x4, a row-major format to a column-major format,...
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