View Full Version : Win10, OpenGL, and Full-Screen Exclusive Replacement

Dark Photon
10-13-2017, 10:09 PM
Before I spend any more time digging, I thought I'd just ask.

From what I can gather, "Full-Screen Exclusive Mode" is no more in D3D12 and Win10. It's been replaced with:

Windowed Flip (iFlip Immediate)
aka Independent Flip with True Immediate Present
aka Independent Flip Swap Chains with True Immediate Presentation (via Waitable Object Swap Chains)

I've got several questions:

Is this your understanding?
Can OpenGL apps make use of iFlip Immediate mode? How? (MS's info says D3D12 only)
If not, what's the best alternative to synchronize with GPU scan-out, bypass as much DWM overhead as possible, and minimize display latency?

If you can answer any of these, or even provide some related info about them (even speculative), I'd appreciate it!

(If you're scratching your head at this post or are interested in more background, here's a pretty good video: DirectX 12: Presentation Modes In Windows 10 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3wTajGZOsA&list=PLeHvwXyqearWT_NT7CiGm_kEiKabWNPKw&index=7).)