View Full Version : GLE tubing and extrusion library Windows x64 platform

08-31-2017, 05:00 AM
Hello everyone.

I'm new to openGL, sorry if I don't describe problem clearly or said nonsense :)

I encountered a little problem. My program is 64 bit architecture, I was trying to find 'The GLE Tubing and Extrusion Library' (https://linas.org/gle/) library with 64 bit architecture, but only was able to find x32.
Could you please answer: Is there a version of the library for 64-bit architecture? (as I saw it distributed as source code, hence are there any possibility to rebuild it for x64?)

If to be more detailed: I have Windows x64 Wpf application, I want to insert chart using this library inside my app using WindowsFormsHost Wpf control.

I've created a small C++ wrapper around thislib, included "Gle32v3.h" header in it. When I compile this for Win32, I pass GLE32V3.lib as Additional Dependency for linker and everything works fine.
But when I'm trying to compile it for x64 bit, linker gives me an error: "Unresolved external symbol (functions from Gle32v3.h).
As I understood linker needs x64 version of Gle32v3.lib as additional dependency. (I've found only header file for this lib, but no implementation code)

I will be much grateful if anyone could help me with that please.