View Full Version : OpenGL through remote desktop works on intel hd graphics!

04-30-2016, 01:49 AM
I'm developing a point cloud registration application using VTK and PCL libraries. Visualization through VTK 7.0 is using opengl 4.0. I was testing if the app will launch with statically linked libraries on computer without VTK or PCL libraries installed, so I tried to launch it on a computer through remote desktop (I wasn't interested if the rendering works, just if the app will complain about missing dll's) and I was very surprised that the app worked even with rendering!
see image at:


After some investigation, it looks like that on intel hd graphics (!!), opengl works natively even through remote desktop session, I made a screenshot of gpucaps:


On the other hand, on nvidia (I tried GT610, GTX460m and GTX770) only basic GDI opengl 1.1 is supported and the app crashes with unsupported opengl extension, gpucaps:


I didn't test it on AMD cards, since I don't have any.

the os is windows10, I don't know if it works on older systems

So maybe opengl through remote desktop support depends on gpu drivers and is not limited by ms remote desktop implementation?