View Full Version : Project Bell in OpenGL

03-30-2016, 02:31 AM
Hello guys ,
I have a project at computer graphics , to make an object (a bell) in OpenGL. The thing is that I don`t know where to start with. The IDE I have worked on so far is Microsoft Visual C++ 2015. I have made simple objects like cubes , pyramids , spheres , using primitives.
First of all I need to create the object - the bell then I also need to apply a shadow and light upon my "bell" and to be able to rotate it.
The rotate functions I have them implemented on the simple objects , however the more complex shape (for me) "the Bell " I don`t know how to create it. I was thinking about using a Cone, but i`m not able to modify it so it can be carved inside like the bell is. I would appreciate some help or any support.
Thank you in advance ! :D