View Full Version : 3d Texture mapping and volume rendering

02-24-2016, 05:48 AM
A stack of 2D Images are 3D Texture mapped for volume rendering . Suppose I have 3D volume of images consisting a stack of 149 images of 256X 256 .I displayed it glTexImage3D api.

Drawn Inside a cube as diagonal (-1,-1,-1) to (1,1,1) ( this consists of several QUADS)

Mouse point click at specified object part( say Nose)is converted into world coordinates say (a,b,c)

Suppose I am considering Mid slice that is 75 Th slice and its center (128,128). Now I am considering (128,128,75) as origin . Number of slices in Z axis Slices in XY plane
Rotate about this central axis say 15 degree in XY plane 10 degree in YZ plane 5 Degree
Now Again texture mapped inside a cube .

Now the mouse same object's specified part (say nose) is converted into world coordinate say (a1,b1,c1) .

My doubt / Question is From these (a,b.c) and (a1,b1,c1) and model view matrix Texture matrix and other geometrical calculation can we find same angle’ s of transformation that is 15 degree in XY plane 10 degree in YZ plane 5 Degree

Dileep S.