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01-26-2016, 07:43 AM
Good afternoon,

I am having problems with an aplication that it runs via remote desktop of Microsoft.
The computer have Windows 10 Enterprise like Operating System.

My application show a picture in 3D. If I run my application by LOCAL (from the own computer), the application show the picture correctly.
But If I run the application by Remote Desktop, the application doesn't show the picture...

The application uses the OpenGL component.

If I see the version of OpenGL, from LOCAL, it show me that the version is 3.3, Funthermore, If i see the version of OpenGL from Remote Deskrtop, it show me that the version is 1.1....

I think that the problem is this, the OpenGL' version.

Anyone could tell me if there is any problem between OPENGL and REMOTE DESKTO of MICROSFOTP??.

I have updated the card graphic drivers but it doesn't work.
The card graphic is Geforce 210

How Can I resolve this please?.

Thank you very much

Best Regards,

01-29-2016, 02:14 AM

hardware accelerated OpenGL (thats the one your Geforce graphic adapter provides) is only available locally. If you use M$ Remote Desktop, your application can't access the hardware accelerated OpenGL and it will end up, using M$ Generic OpenGL 1.1 Software Renderer fallback. This is the way M$ build it, and there is no fix for it, if you need to use M$ Remote Desktop.

BUT, there are other remote access tools, e.g. RealVNC, that don't use the same technique as M$. They mostlikely copy the current screen content and send it to the other computer. If the connection between the computers is good, you could even watch video remotely.