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11-27-2015, 03:47 PM
Hello there,

I have a problem (more like a 2 week challenge at university) where I will store some data in a sparse texture and then I have to go through the texture with a query like loops to see if some data in the texture match my query conditions and then draw dots on the screen that represent a position in the map.

The whole idea is to use something like Mega Texture or a Sparse Texture and see if it works with a concept prototype and not use dens tiles like imMense (http://istc-bigdata.org/index.php/immens-real-time-interactive-visual-exploration-of-big-data/).

I thought of using a frame-buffer to load the texture with data, then read every pixel in the frame buffer and draw points in the actual screen. After i do this i can move on to implementing some sliders that will allow me to have interactive visualization where i send some uniforms to shaders to know what data to select.

Everything has to be done through a fragment shader ( I guess), for now i will use a PNG with 8bit per channel, and it does not mean that i have to finish the whole prototype in 2 weeks and integrate it in imMense. If i take independent study then YES that is the project goal.

If you are interested in reading imMense shaders please go to this link, https://github.com/uwdata/imMens/blob/master/webapp/WebContent/lib/shaders.js

Happy Thanksgiving

NOTE: I hope this should not belong to advanced section