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09-30-2015, 04:41 PM

I am trying to make a cross platform graphics engine where I could write a library test it on my desktop with windows 8 and use the same library with Android/Iphone.(Including OpenGL ES libs ofcourse). As far as I am aware Android uses EGL to render images within a window (Correct me if I am wrong ). A lot of sources keep saying that EGL can be done on windows other say you need WGL, some others say Windows 8 can not support OpenGL ES at all. I also have an Nvidia card and only OpenGL ES libraries that I found are from AMD. Does anyone know what is the best way to get through this problem??

Dark Photon
10-01-2015, 06:01 PM
Today, you have a lot of choices for GLES and EGL emulators on Win32:

* Imagination Tech's PVRVFrame in the PowerVR SDK
* Mesa3D
* NVidia GL drivers (now contain EGL and GLES support)
* Qualcomm emulator in the Adreno SDK
* ARM emulator

And I'm probably missing a few. Just websearch for "OpenGL ES Emulator".

PVRVFrame basically translates GLES/EGL to GL/wgl. The PowerVR SDK also has some really useful tools that help in debugging GLES/EGL-based programs. ANGLE translates GLES/EGL to D3D. Mesa3D is a software renderer that provides a GLES/EGL interface in addition to GL. With the NVidia drivers, GLES/EGL is now just built-in to the latest NVidia GL drivers (requires NVidia GPU).

Determine what your requirements in a GLES emulator are and then go shopping. For instance, if you want solid GLES3+ support, I would avoid ANGLE. If you want GPU HW-accelerated rendering, avoid Mesa3D. If you don't have an NVidia GPU, avoid the NVidia built-in GLES/EGL support. etc.