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12-11-2014, 11:30 PM
first, I attached my project as a zip-File.
Now my task: I want to show a grid in the xy-plane (coordinates from (0,0,0) to (650,650,0)). This I have already managed. But now I want the plane to rotate around a given point (for example (300,300,0)) and to look at it from a given angle, for example 45 in respect to the vector (0,0,1), so you can see the plane rotating under the "camera". Later there will be objects in the middle of the plane, I want to make the viewer think he is circling above the object.
Can anyone please help me to do that? I tried already the function rotateBy from the example textures, so I got the automatic part working at least. But I only want to rotate around the z-axis (this is why I changed the input of the rotateBy function to rotateBy(0,0,-1*16). But the grid is still rotating around (0,0,0) and also not at a good angle.
The resizeGL function I got from a friends code, but I don't actually understand how it works (and I can't ask him :-( )
Obviously the MouseMoveEvent Function does exactly what I want, if I can use the mouse. If I move the mouse in y-direction it tilts the screen just the way I want it. But I can't seem to get this code working in the PaintGL Function, where it should tilt the screen automatically.
I appreciate any tips! If my question isn't clear enough, please ask. I also attached a picture of how I want the screen to look.15431544
Thank you!

12-17-2014, 02:05 AM

did you solved it allready ... otherwise lezs just take a look together on skype or teamviewer ..
skype: uwi2k2 .. i guess we can solve this.