View Full Version : OpenGL NG/5 feature request about streaming maps

11-10-2014, 09:33 AM
OpenGL NG/5 feature request about streaming maps

Please make sure in the rewrite to have any system of multidraw commands or GPU command buffer to be able to handle streaming maps / volume tiled resources / chunks / etc efficiently.
With the immense savings volume tiled resources provides or with the popularity of streaming maps divided in chunks / parts that are streamed in and out of memory. Making sure there is a way to use multidraw commands or GPU command buffer without doing drawing instructions/commands for each chunk / (volume) tiled resource / etc separately is critical to good performance. Thus handling streaming / volume / chunks / etc efficiently would be insanely useful!
For good performance, efficient handling of drawing commands is paramount!

Please make sure this is possible in OpenGL NG/5. This would make sure developers are free to choose how to manage the streaming / memory resource aspect of their applications. And makes sure there is an optimal way to handle streaming or tiled / chunk based maps.
(Being able to handle the memory resource aspect somewhat separate from the drawing commands aspects would make for good modular design in graphic API design.)
Making sure this is handled well in OpenGL NG/5 would be very, very useful!

Handling drawing commands efficiently together with efficient use of memory is a cornerstone of efficient APIs and high performance, visually complex applications!