View Full Version : OpenGL and OpenGL ES UI rendering library open sourced

09-03-2013, 02:24 AM
Hello all,

I am announcing the open sourcing of a UI rendering library for OpenGL (2 or higher) and OpenGL ES (2 or higher) has been open sourced under MPLv2 (Firefox, Adobe Flex and LibreOffice use this license; it allows both static and dynamic linking with no obligations). The library is available at:


Some key features:

Written from the ground up for batching [this is highly necessary in the mobile world where the CPU's are much weaker than desktop]
GPU font rendering for scalable text under a variety of algorithms.
Brush: imaging and gradients
Filling and stroking of paths
Ability to augment and customize drawing with user defined GLSL shader fragments
Ability to create own transformation hierarchies that work with built in UI items (text, images, paths) and user defined UI items (if they follow WRATH conventions)
and more.