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Marc Colomé
08-27-2013, 03:32 AM
Hello at all,

I'm triying to create a GUI with Open graphics Libraries.

I have made a basic GUI that exits the program or shows the instructions if a option/Polygon is marked (A bigger one is behind them)

But what I'm trying to do now is the following:

0. Start the direct access on the desktop
1. Screen: Press any key to continue
2. Select one option
2.1 Option one: Go to the circuit selection menu
2.1 Option two: View the instructions (Cleared)
2.1 Option three: Exit the game (Cleared)
3. Select a circuit
4. Go to the car selection menu
5. Select a car and start the race

Then, inside the race:

6. Pause menu if Spacebar has been pressed

From the pause menu:

6.1. Go to the main menu
6.2. Restart the race
6.3. Exit

How I could do that? What I have cleared is with IF but I'm looking for better alternatives.

I hope you can help me,


08-28-2013, 10:19 AM
... Fltk ...