View Full Version : Convert stacks 2D images to 3D Volume

07-11-2013, 05:19 AM

I have a stack of images in grayscale. I would like display this in openGL in volume form. There are images of MRI (Medical) What is the process please?


07-13-2013, 10:41 AM
You need to write a volumetric renderer. You can extract a surface from the voxel data. You can do this by simply using cubes (like Minecraft, see http://codeflow.org/entries/2010/dec/09/minecraft-like-rendering-experiments-in-opengl-4/) or you can use something more complex that gives nicer results like Marching Cubes or Surface Nets.

Alternatively, you can ray cast the voxel data in a fragment shader after loading the layered images into a 3D texture.