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08-12-2012, 04:22 AM
hey all;

am trying to create a camera class in c++ with opengl however am a bit confused with the formulas used for the rotation;

void Camera::GetViewDir( void )
SF3dVector Step1, Step2;
//Rotate around Y-axis:
Step1.x = cos( (RotatedY + 90.0) * PIdiv180);
Step1.z = -sin( (RotatedY + 90.0) * PIdiv180);
//Rotate around X-axis:
double cosX = cos (RotatedX * PIdiv180);
Step2.x = Step1.x * cosX;
Step2.z = Step1.z * cosX;
Step2.y = sin(RotatedX * PIdiv180);
//need to implement rotation around Z-axis
ViewDir = Step2;

whole source code


already read about trigonometry and rotation matrix in opengl but still it doesnt make sense for me;