View Full Version : OpenGL drivers broken?

07-25-2012, 10:49 AM
why my openGL driver broken??
my desktop is windows xp 32bit
please help me..
i had reinstal my vga but it doesn't effect..

07-25-2012, 10:56 AM
As a bare minimum you should have at least tell us what GPU you have.

07-26-2012, 11:27 AM
NVIDIA GeForce GT240
Approx. Total Memory : 1024.0 MB
Main Driver : nv4_disp.dll
version : 6.16.0013.0142(english)
WHQL Logo'd : Yes
Mini VDD : nv4_mini.sys
VDD : n/a
DDI Version : 9 (or higher)

is that enough?
sorry i don't really understand about computer :(

07-26-2012, 04:44 PM
A post in "User software, hardware and gaming help" would have been more likely to get you a good answer. This part of the forum is for people writing OpenGL programs; many of the people reading this part of the forum might even have no idea what to do here. That doesn't mean you should make another post - that will only mess things up even more.

Aside from that, where did you download your driver from? NVIDIA or Microsoft or you're computer's manufacturer's site?

07-27-2012, 01:30 AM
Also: why do you think your drivers are broken?

07-27-2012, 01:39 AM
ok.. thanks :)
yes i do.. i download driver from NVIDIA site

maybe 4 month later,i play final fantasy 7 in pc..
and there's no problem
now i want to play final fantasy 7 in pc again,but the graphic game is broken..
then i see the config and i see the word "openGL driver (BROKEN)"
i don't know what's going on.. @_@

07-28-2012, 07:37 AM
Try running http://www.ozone3d.net/gpu_caps_viewer/
and see what it says about the GL version and who the renderer and vendor is.

Also, have you tried other GL based games like Quake 3, Doom 3, Half-Life 1?

08-02-2012, 11:30 PM
this is the result

not yet..
i don't have that programs..

08-06-2012, 03:05 PM
It looks fine since it says GL_RENDERER Geforce GT and GL_VERSION 3.3 and also the extension info at the bottom
therefore that program is able to create a GL context and get information with from the GL driver.
Try reinstalling the game. Also, try some other games that I mentioned. Download the demo version.

Also, I found this http://www.ehow.com/how_7325979_make-ff7-work-xp.html