View Full Version : include problems

06-18-2012, 09:37 AM
from videotutorialsrock in the first lesson i had to add a few things here but when i open it i get this...
im usin VS 2010
what to do ?

06-18-2012, 10:27 AM
This isn't exactly a OpenGL related issue, is it? What did the author of the tutorial said about the issue?

06-18-2012, 11:11 AM
how this isnt an issue ? i have to add this resources so i can use it.
i have e-mailed the author abouth this 2 weeks ago he hasnt replyed yet...

06-18-2012, 12:01 PM
how this isnt an issue ?

It is, but it isn't OpenGL related. You would have to give further information on your problem, maybe a Visual studio related forum might be able to help?