View Full Version : SOIL undefined reference?

06-06-2012, 05:04 AM
hi i've just started learning opengl and i'm having trouble with uploading images/textures. i downloaded the soil library,included it in my header file, and linked it by doing Project->build options->linker settings. but when i compile and run my program i get many "undefined reference" errors.
can someone please help me?


06-06-2012, 05:19 AM
This is not an OpenGL question, so I don't think you are getting much help here. Look for a forum that is using your IDE, whichever that is.

Sometimes it is easier to just read the BMP file. You don't need a library for that (free source code easy to find). You don't need png files to save space, as the bitmap in OpenGL is going to be unpacked anyway.

06-06-2012, 06:36 AM
alright i found some code for loading the bmp, i'll try it. thanks! :)