View Full Version : How to include GLM in iphone project

12-22-2011, 11:46 AM

I am trying to include the glm library in my iPhone project. I have downloaded the files, and copied them into my project folder, and then dragged them over the Xcode file browser so it links the files.

I am then trying to include it by doing

#include <glm/glm.hpp>

But I get an error saying file not found. I'm not sure why, has anyone used it? Do I need to do something more?


I have the current version version 0.9.3.B

Alfonse Reinheart
12-22-2011, 12:29 PM
This is really more about setting up a proper project build; it's not about OpenGL or GLM.

Is the GLM directory in your include paths? You need to ensure that it is.

12-22-2011, 12:44 PM

Sorry about that, didn't occur to me that was the issue. I haven't come across needing to use an include path yet, so thats probably the problem. Will have a look and find out how to add it