View Full Version : ClanLib 2.2 Mac port help required

02-11-2011, 12:06 PM
ClanLib is a cross platform game/application SDK with a BSD style license (so that it can also be used commerically).

See - ClanLib Examples (http://clanlib.org/wiki/Examples)

The ClanLib developers are struggling to find somebody with good OpenGL knowledge to assist in a Mac port.

Last year somebody made a start, but only to get the basic framework to compile. OpenGL support was not implemented.

A senior ClanLib developer does have a Mac, but he does not have any free time to work on it.

Ideally, we would like the ClanLib 2.2.x SVN branch to be converted (The last stable API release).

Also we would like to avoid using an extra layer to OpenGL (eg SDL), as this should be unnecessary.

See - Mac Port Forum Discussion (http://www.rtsoft.com/forums/showthread.php?3362-ClanLib-2-OS-X-Snow-Leopard-(Macintosh))

If anyone is interested, post a message on the forums, or chat directly to the developers using IRC #clanlib at freenode.net
(The senior developers are not connected to the #clanlib channel 24 hours a day.)