View Full Version : Shadow volumes for vertex-shaded objects

10-09-2010, 11:34 PM
Dear forum,

Assume that I'm drawing a mesh with various kinds of vertex shading (the specific example I have in mind is for skeleton animation of objects), and I want to construct a shadow volume for that object.

Does anyone have any tips on how to accomplish that? Since I don't know the final vertex coordinates on the CPU, how would I even know which edges to project the shadow from?

Dark Photon
10-11-2010, 07:13 AM

* Computing Optimized Shadow Volumes for Complex Data Sets (http://www.gameprogramminggems.com/)
* The Theory of Stencil Shadow Volumes (http://www.gamedev.net/reference/articles/article1873.asp)
* The Mechanics of Robust Stencil Shadows (http://www.gamasutra.com/features/20021011/lengyel_pfv.htm)
* Efficient Shadow Volume Rendering (http://developer.nvidia.com/object/gpu_gems_home.html)

among others.