View Full Version : problem with more than 8 framebuffer objects

04-15-2010, 04:33 PM
Hi there,

I'm running into a problem now that Im using more than
8 framebuffers. I don't use them simultaneously of course,
but different framebuffers are used for different renderpasses.
I have 27 (!) passes to perform in a single frame, and
(would like to) activate a pre-created framebuffer for each pass.
the normal rendering procedure for each frame in pseudocode is:

for each pass in renderpass
----framebuffer = pass->getDrawbuffer()
----for each node in pass->getRendernodes()

the detailed description of the framebuffer bind/unbind calls can be found here:

Dynamica.org - RenderTools-1.0 - Framebuffer (http://www.dynamica.org/PUB/RenderTools/_framebuffer_8cpp-source.html)

What happens if my number of passes grows beyond 8 is very strange,
it seems the shader used in the 9th pass is writing into a
very different framebuffer (or associated renderbuffer) altogether !

I'd much appreciate any insights, 'cause I can't seem to figure out reading the specs etc. what's wrong.