View Full Version : GLES Performance under windows

01-29-2010, 05:52 PM
Im writing some cross platform code, starting in windows.
All good.
I noticed a severe render bottleneck on my laptop (which has a nasty integrated Intel gfx chip)...
As a test, Im rendering 256 textured quads, using glDrawArrays, and they are all GL_TRIANGLES, with 6 vertex.
I cant see any other way to build up a single drawlist with seperate quads...

To gauge the framerate, Im shifting them across the screen.
It starts slow, and as more 'pop' off it speeds up..

Ah, It must be the gfx card, I thought. So I tried the same thing on my specc'd up desktop (with tasty gfx card) and it exhibits the same behaviour.
That I find very curious.. either I am doing something drastically wrong, or there is some undocumented 'features'/limitations I dont know about...

CAn anyone shed some light on this, as its a bit of a stumbling block for my work

01-30-2010, 01:51 AM
Depends on a lot of things. What GL ES implementation do you use ?

256 fullscreen quads ? What window size ?
Try reducing rendered surface size, to check for fillrate limit.
Textured or not ? Depth test should be on, blending should be off, alpha test off...