View Full Version : Click area & based on coordinates execute

11-30-2009, 03:13 AM
I am very new to opengl programming..Help me out...
I have created a window size of 1000,850
In this window, I have placed a image on 75 % of the portion & the other 25% created some text box & asking for input from kepyboard..
Now my image is in area (x>935 &amp;&amp; x<990 &amp;&amp; y>306 &amp;&amp; y<332)
What i want to do is in this area if i click on a specfic points using mouse function.. Then it should wait for a mouse click which is in area (x>940 &amp;&amp; x<968 &amp;&amp; y>431 &amp;&amp; y<448)(ie textbox asking for input)
Then its takes the values from this box & display only that image with mouse clicks.. How is it..
Without the waitin for mouse click in other area its working..But when i want input & then it should display is not working....Please help me..