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11-10-2009, 03:39 AM
I'm playing a little with OpenGL and it works fine as long as I stay at OpenGL 1.1. I do NOT use Visual Studio, my programming environment is Dev-C++. The documentation says my ATI card supports OpenGL 3, and I have downloaded the latest drivers, headers and the extsetup.lib. By moving around the headers and the order of linked libs I got down the number of error messages from one zillion to just one:
.drectve `/DEFAULTLIB:"LIBC" /DEFAULTLIB:"OLDNAMES" ' unrecognized
As I understand it that means I've missed linking a library, I've included extsetup, opengl32 and glu32 ( in that order ).
Including glaux doesn't change anything, neither do gdi32. Could someone give a better suggestion?

11-10-2009, 03:51 AM
On Linux I have to include `GL/glATI.h'. Perhaps this is what you have to do as well?

Further: I believe that for creating an OpenGL 3.x environment in Windows, you first have to create an OpenGL 1.x/2.x environment, load the necessary extensions that are needed to create an OpenGL 3.x environment, ditch the OpenGL 1.x/2.x environment and create the OpenGL 3.x environment with the just loaded extensions.

No personal experience with that though. Its just that I think I've read something like that somewhere at some point (yes... rather vague, probably somebody can clarify/confirm this).

Anyway: if your ATI card can do OpenGL 3 (that means its an HD2xxx, HD3xxx, HD4xxx or HD5xxx), you should in some way be able to get it running. OpenGL 3.0 is supported for a while now by Ati, OpenGL 3.1 is also supported (not sure if the support for that is complete) and OpenGL 3.2 probably won't take long anymore before its supported.

11-10-2009, 04:04 AM
Thanks for the comment. By including <GL/glextsetup.h> you automatically include the other files. The extsetup is also doing all the boring PFN##proctype##PROC loading so the problem is probably not found there. I CAN indeed load the extensions "manually", but as there are more than a hundred I'd like to use the libraries I have.

11-10-2009, 10:04 AM

After lots of digging I found, in AMD:s radeon 3D programming, an "ATI OpenGL SDK" to download. However, to get it to work I had to modify the version checks from: ( as an example )

if ( (majorVersion == 1) &amp;&amp; (minorVersion >=2))


if ( ( ( majorVersion == 1 ) &amp;&amp; ( minorVersion >= 2 ) ) || ( majorVersion > 1 ) )

the included loaders don't consider the possibility of cards supporting above GL 1.4 ;)