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10-26-2009, 11:53 AM
I have already rendered a sequence into a window(created by MFC). Now I want to make this sequence into a movie of standard format(avi,mpeg ect). How can I do this? I google this topic and find some libraries. But it seems that none of them works. Anyone knows a library which works?

One walkaround is to save the image(using glReadPixel) into images of standard format(like jpeg) than make a movie using other tool. But I do not know how to save an image to a file of standard format.
Thank you.

10-27-2009, 03:32 AM
If size not an issue I suggest to use a uncompressed image format like tga or bmp, that could be written in just 2 steps.
1. write the binary header (18 bytes for tga)
2. write the byte array filled by glReadPixel.

BinaryWriter bw=new BinaryWriter(fs);

byte Pixel_Depth=(byte)(isRGB?(isAlpha?32:24):(isAlpha? 16:8));
byte Image_Descriptor=(byte)(isAlpha?0x28:0x20);

// write Header (18 bytes)
bw.Write((byte)0); // ID_Length
bw.Write((byte)0); // Color_Map_Type
bw.Write((byte)(isRGB?2:3)); // Image_Type
bw.Write((ushort)0); // First_Entry_Index
bw.Write((ushort)0); // Color_Map_Length
bw.Write((byte)0); // Color_Map_Entry_Size
bw.Write((ushort)0); // X_Origin
bw.Write((ushort)0); // Y_Origin
bw.Write((ushort)width); // Width
bw.Write((ushort)height); // Height
bw.Write(Pixel_Depth); // Pixel_Depth
bw.Write(Image_Descriptor); // Image_Descriptor

// write image bits

Sorry for the C# code, but I had no C/C++ version at hand.

Ilian Dinev
10-27-2009, 07:59 AM
Look at msvfw32.dll and avifil32.dll . They can let you pick a compressor+options and you send GDI frames (DIBs) one by one, it'll handle the compression.