View Full Version : Texture2DArray and GL_LUMINANCE32F_ARB

02-05-2009, 04:07 AM
Is it valid to have a 32F Texture2DArray? I seem to be having trouble getting this to work with GL_LUMINANCE32F_ARB/GL_FLOAT but it seems to work fine when I have a GL_LUMINANCE/GL_FLOAT.

I get an "invalid enumerant" OpenGL error..

I'm primarily using a GeForce 8800 w/NVIDIA driver 173.14.09 but also see the error on a Quadro FX 5600 w/NVIDIA driver 177.70.22.

02-05-2009, 10:55 AM
Should work AFAIK, what does your setup code look like?

You way want to update your drivers to 180 series at least before anything else...