View Full Version : The old problem of wrong OGL version on Windows...

07-05-2008, 05:05 PM

I installed WinXP, then SP2, and the only video drivers installed are the drivers to my nVidia 7300 GTS (no other card was ever present on this computer, so it was not a driver switching issue)

Everything was working properly (ie: loading OpenGL 2.1 from nVidia)

Suddenly the Horde3D samples (it is a engine) that use Horde3D utils to load OpenGL, and Maya 2008 started to load OpenGL 1.1 from Microsoft, while my own project that uses Horde3D but loads OpenGL with SDL, loads OpenGL 2.1 from nVidia...

The bizarre thing, is that NOTHING changed between the working state of my system and the nonworking state of my system...

So, how I get rid of that OGL 1.1? Or how I force programs to load the right version? I went on the registry editor as someone suggested to locate installed OGL drivers, and the only driver listed is the right one... But still Maya and Horde3D insists on loading 1.1