View Full Version : why cant i access built in uniforms values

06-30-2005, 11:33 AM
not an important question im just curious about the reasoning about why i cant access built in uniform values

test_shader.glsl programID=4 vsID=5 fsID=6 valid:(1) num_attached_shaders=2 ( 5 6 )
num:0 loc: 0 tex0 sampler2D val=0
num:1 loc: 1 tex1 sampler2D val=0
num:2 loc:-1 gl_LightSource[0].ambient float4 val=
num:3 loc:-1 gl_ModelViewMatrixInverse mat4 val=
num:4 loc:-1 gl_ModelViewProjectionMatrixTranspose mat4 val=it would be nice if i could query gl_LightSource[0].ambient etc as well with glGetUniformfv (i cant though cause it hasnt a valid location)
sure i could do a glGetFloatv( GL_LIGHT.... AMBIENT ) but thats a messery option

what is the logic behind this limitation?