View Full Version : Problems running GLUT src examples in DEVcpp/mingw

10-22-2002, 05:33 AM
I just installed devcpp for the first time and it looks great. I algo installed the newest version of OpenGL (2.0) and the newest stable version of GLUT (4.0)

when i compile the GLUT examples, i get a bunch of stuff like this
\windows\TEMP\ccF87wfb.o(.text+0x17):shape_~1.c: undefined reference to `__glutInitWithExit'
c:\windows\TEMP\ccF87wfb.o(.text+0x33):shape_~1.c: undefined reference to `__glutCreateWindowWithExit'
c:\windows\TEMP\ccF87wfb.o(.text+0x57):shape_~1.c: undefined reference to `__glutCreateMenuWithExit'
c:\windows\TEMP\ccF87wfb.o(.text+0x122):shape_~1.c : undefined reference to `_imp__glPushMatrix'
c:\windows\TEMP\ccF87wfb.o(.text+0x151):shape_~1.c : undefined reference to `_imp__glScalef'
c:\windows\TEMP\ccF87wfb.o(.text+0x166):shape_~1.c : undefined reference to `glutWireSphere'
c:\windows\TEMP\ccF87wfb.o(.text+0x16f):shape_~1.c : undefined reference to `_imp__glPopMatrix'
c:\windows\TEMP\ccF87wfb.o(.text+0x182):shape_~1.c : undefined reference to `_imp__glPushMatrix'

I am a newbie, but i think that is a good indication that I am not installing somthing right...

10-22-2002, 05:37 AM
oh yeah, and the project options menu dosent seem to open when I open one of these GLUT example projects. I am assuming the nessicary libs are already defined in the project file ???

10-23-2002, 06:34 AM

I have had similar problems. Here are my notes and fix using Dev-C++ compiler.

Ensure glut32.dll is in same folder and
at this above include files

undefined reference to `__glutInitWithExit@12'
undefined reference to `__glutCreateWindowWithExit@8'
undefined reference to `__glutCreateMenuWithExit@8'