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06-30-2002, 02:59 AM
Hi all,

Together with Jim Mathies I am creating a comparison between various OpenGL toolkits and widget libraries. The end result will be available through the OpenGL Toolkit FAQ: www.mathies.com/glfaq (http://www.mathies.com/glfaq)

If you have any experience with the toolkit/widget library mentioned in the topic, feel free to post your comments in this thread.

1. What is the purpose of the toolkit?
1A Gaming
1B Applications
1C Demo building

2. What platforms are supported?
2A Apple - which OS
2B Linux
2C Unix - which ones
2D Win32 - which one of not all
2E Other

3. What languages can be used with the toolkit?
3A C/C++
3B Delphi
3C Java
3D (Visual) Basic
3E Other

4.What compilers can be used with the toolkit?
4A MingW32
4B LCC-Win32
4D Borland C++
4E GCC (Unix)
4F cc (Unix)
4G Other

5. What is the target audience of the toolkit?
5A Beginner
5B Intermediate
5C Expert

6. Please give some information about the current maintenance status of the
6A Is it actively maintained
6B What is the current released version, when was it released
6C What where the previous three major releases, when were they released

7. What type of license is required to use the toolkit?

8. Is all sourcecode of the toolkit available for inspection?

9. How is the toolkit deployed?
9A using static libraries
9B using dynamic libraries

10. What is the approximate size of the library?

11. What prerequisites/dependencies does the toolkit have?

12. What are the graphical features of the toolkit?
(this section can be as elaborate as you want)
12A Extension support
12B Fullscreen support
12C GUI-controls/widgets available
12D Input handling: joystick support
12E Input handling: keyboard support
12F Input handling: mouse support
12G (win32): DirectInput support
12H Multi-state support
12I Multiple windows support
12J Rendering loop (if present, is it extendable)
12K Resolution/color depth selection
12L Screen capturing and printer features
12M Text output handling
12N Texture management

13. What other features are present in the toolkit?
(again, be as elaborate as you want)
13A Multi-threading support
13B Network support
13C OO-framework (extendable/inheritable)
13D Scripting language(s)
13E Sound support
13F Supported file formats
13G Timer functions

14. What other things do you want to add regarding your toolkit?