View Full Version : Win2000: OpenGL crashes after NVidia drivers updated - need help!

05-10-2004, 11:22 PM
Hello all. I had an old driver for my NVidia Riva TNT2, with Windows 2000 professional. Since dxdiag showed that Direct3D and AGP options were disabled, I installed brand new drivers from NVidia's website.

As a result, all the examples from the OpenGL tutorial that I had downloaded from NeHe (nehe.gamedev.net) suddenly stopped working. I get "unknown software exception" 0xc0000090 twice, and then 0xc0000027. (The .exe files were compiled in Borland C++ Builder 6.0).

Also, my own Builder codes stopped working, I have an "Invalid floating point operation" inside the function wglMakeCurrent(hdc, hrc). Both arguments are not NULL at that moment, moreover the function crashes without returning any value. I don't have other OpenGL programs running at the same time, so I guess there are no conflicts. Also, the standard Windows OpenGL screensaver is working.

Here are my drivers (I use Windows 2000 professional, Russian):

nvoglnt.dll, version from 24.03.2004
opengl32.dll, 5.0.2195.2676, 21.06.2001
nv4.dll, 5.0.2160.327, 16.03.2000
nv4-disp.dll,, 24.03.2004

Does anyone know how to deal with this problem? How should I alter my C++/OpenGL code, or what files should I update/install to get back to normal?

hdc = GetDC(Handle);
hrc = wglCreateContext(hdc);
if(hrc == NULL)
ShowMessage(":-)~ hrc == NULL");
if(wglMakeCurrent(hdc, hrc) == false) //here's where all crashes...
ShowMessage("Could not MakeCurrent");

05-11-2004, 02:12 AM
Your driver are screwed-up. As I can see you have some mixture of 3 different driver version.

Uninstall all nv drivers, delete display adapter from Device Menager, reboot system and instal fresh driver.

You can try to use Driver Cleaner software (www.guru3d.com) to remove all driver pieces from system.


05-11-2004, 02:14 AM
It seems that I have located the source. Whenever I set PFD_TYPE_RGBA in the PIXELFORMATDESCRIPTOR structure, it doesn't work. When I use PFD_TYPE_COLORINDEX, everything's fine.

[added later:]
It seems I finally found the reason. When I installed new drivers, my monitor properties were changed to High Color (16 bits). When I changed the setting to True Color (32 bits), RGBA_MODE started to work again.

05-11-2004, 11:44 AM
In driver setup pages click on your card name and take a look to listbox. All versions MUST be a same.
If some of this files are different versions you may expact weird problems.

On my machine I can run RGBA mode even with 16bpp desktop.

I have GF4Ti-4800SE