View Full Version : Display list better than extensions ?

01-21-2002, 03:59 AM
Well, Iíve learn the thread about display list. I think that DL is the most elegant manner to do a fast server side display mechanism. What I would like to see in next OpenGL versions is a enhanced Display List mechanism, with the support of more state change and a more unified and optimized implantation of this feature in drivers.

Well, I think DL is the best way because it provide an abstraction of the format used by the servers : the data can be stored in on board memory, in the best format for GPUs. I think display list should avoid per chips extensions like ATI or Nvidia ones, by making the job automatically when building display list, and manage all in a more efficient and abstract manner.

In the same way, DL should offer the possibility to encapsulate states changes, to provide a set of piece to compose effects. Some people would like to have a more sophisticated DL that go on the way of a scene graph manager, but I think they are wrong : I think display list should be enhanced to offer a simple way to reach best performance by make implicit optimizations.

What do you think of that ?


PS : pardon for my bad english...!

01-28-2002, 09:02 AM
As it seems, you didn't understand, what extensions are, maybe you think of geometriy primitive optimition extensions like VA range or fences. But to say it clearly: Extensions are meant as a way to provide access to further or experimental features like new types of textures or pixel formats, before they go into the ARB.
But for the rest, I agree with you, that DLs are a must for easy state management. But with all that comfort you shouldn't forget, that the best state change is no state change...