View Full Version : glutCreateWindow failing

12-20-2000, 08:00 AM
i'm new to opengl, and i'm having trouble getting glut to work. i've some ridiculously simple sample code that's supposed to put up a window and draw into it. when it gets to glutCreateWindow, though, it's exiting. the glut_error_log contains:

GLUT: Fatal Error in MacOS Toolbox DEBUG PPC: window could not be created.

is there something really obvious i'm missing? do the console arguments that it prompts when the program starts get used for anything?

12-21-2000, 03:00 AM
Have you added the glut resource file (glut.rsrc) and all necessary libraries to your project?
If yes, try increasing the heap size of your application.

Hope this helps,

12-22-2000, 01:58 PM
ah, that worked _perfectly_. thanks a lot. i never noticed that rsrc file there.